12 Months of Action

Active April!

Spring is actually upon us (last month was the warm up)! Lots to do this month; while we cautiously head out but mostly stay home, let's act Sustainably with each step.

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Are you Wishcycling or Recycling?

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Global Just Recovery Gathering

Recharge, Rebuild, Reconnect.

Lots of courses and company. 

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Keep coming back...

We will be adding more content throughout the month.

All information will be stored in our information hub for easy access throughout the year.

In December we will reflect and recap.

Green Heart Hero Awards

Nominations are open if you know a Green Hearted Hero.

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Zero Carbon Transport Group

Interested in a less-polluted Harborough? Join our sub-group!

Little Steps Out of Lockdown...

Can you walk the rainbow this April? Really local nature walks!