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12 Months of Action

Active April!

Spring is actually upon us (last month was the warm up)! Lots to do this month in the home and in the garden, let's act Sustainably with each step.

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Membership Now Open!

Please sign up for free and add your voice to our vision.

Only takes a minute.

Easter Chocolates

Are you Wishcycling or Recycling?

Follow our recycling tips here to grant your green wishes.

(PS ... Foil needs to be balled as big as a tennis ball)

Love Message

Love Social Media?

Please volunteer to help us run ours! 


SHC Annual General Meeting

Will be on Zoom on April 6th, starting 7.30pm

Keep coming back...

We will be adding more content throughout the month.

All information will be stored in our information hub for easy access throughout the year.

In December we will reflect and recap.

Woman with Bicycle

Transport Action Group

Interested in a less-polluted Harborough? Join our sub-group!


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