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United for Warm Homes

Harborough Climate Action is proud to be a supporter of this campaign being led by Friends of the Earth. Our local campaign will be focussed on getting better support for the potentially thousands of residents across Harborough facing fuel poverty this winter and beyond.

The campaign is calling for our local and national politicians to provide the following :

  1. Urgent additional financial support to keep people warm. Even with the government’s price freeze, too many people will be pushed into rationing their energy use this winter and living in cold, damp homes. We need more targeted support to keep people warm and well.

  2. A nationwide insulation programme. We need the government to roll out an emergency programme of insulation and energy saving measures now - starting in neighbourhoods where fuel poverty is highest.

  3. Permanent fixes to our failed energy system. Our energy system currently prioritises massive fossil fuel company profits over meeting people’s basic needs. By powering our homes with cheap and clean renewables and guaranteeing everyone the energy they need to live comfortably, we can ensure no one is left in the cold

Latest News - Support  from Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs)

In the run up to the General Election (whenever that might be!) Harborough Climate Action are approaching all of the PPCs to seek their support for this campaign.

The Labour Party PPC for Harborough Oadby and Wigston, Hajira Piranie, recently pledged to support the campaign. We hope there will be more to follow!


Hajira photo May 2024.jpg

Over the last few weeks have been working hard to raise awareness of the campaign in the Harborough area - we have had stalls in both the Indoor and Artisans Market and several events during Harborough Big Green Week. As well as collecting over 500 signatures on our petition, we now have our very own Banner, and have knitted a House Cosy. Many thinks to everyone who has got involved in these projects.

The main purpose behind all of our activity is to  make sure that our local and national politicians understand how important we feel this issue is. Do let us know if you are involved in a business, charity or community group who would like to support the campaign.

We will be organising more events in the coming weeks - let us know if you have any suggestions for events we could attend, or more craftivism projects you you would like to get involved in.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday June 8th - We will have a stall on Green St at the MH Carnival Showground

Scroll through the gallery to see local organisations  who are supporting this campaign

Over the coming months we will be building up signatures on a petition which will be presented to local MPs before the next General Election. We really do need to show them that this is an issue their constituents care about and which we expect them to take action on. Please sign our petition - and ask all your friends, family and colleagues to do so too!

If you would like to find out more,

or get involved

please email us at:

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Here are some links to related websites :

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