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Ways of Working

The following items have been removed from the Constitution document, but are nonetheless important statements about how SHC will be managed. 


1. Friends 

Any organisations representing a group of individuals (e.g. charities, voluntary groups, community groups,  businesses) may become Friends of the Association, as long as: 

a) they are based in, or represent people who live or work in, Market Harborough or the surrounding  area 

b) they support the Vision and Aims of the Association, and/or have similar aims themselves 

Friends will continue to operate completely independently from the Association, and can choose how much  involvement they have with the Association. 

The Association and its Friends will work as co-operatively as possible with each other: 

a) The Association will keep Friends up to date with the activities of the Association via meetings,  e.mails and the Association’s website and social media platforms 

b) The Association will list the names of all its Friends on their website, and provide links to their  websites and social media platforms 

c) The Association will enable Friends to post information about their events on the Association’s  website and social media platforms 

d) The Association will invite all Friends to be represented in their own right at events run by the  Association, and their members will be eligible for free or discounted entry at such events 

e) All Friends will be encouraged to put reciprocal arrangements in place 

f) Friends should do all they can to ensure that they do not do anything that will undermine what the  Association and other Friends are doing. 

There is no fee for becoming a Friend. A membership form will need to be completed and returned to the  Secretary. Membership details will be stored and used in accordance with the Association’s Data Protection  Policy. 

In exceptional circumstances, the Steering Committee may decide to terminate a relationship with a Friend. 


2. Market Harborough Climate Coalition 

The Association will establish a Market Harborough Climate Coalition. It is hoped that all Members and  Friends of the Association will wish to get involved. 

The Market Harborough Climate Coalition will : 

a) be established and facilitated by the Association, to act as an umbrella organisation for all local  individuals, groups and businesses wishing to engage in the Climate Crisis debate 

b) consider long term strategies and policies that will tackle climate change 

c) identify local priorities for tackling climate change, and create specific local proposals that can then  be discussed with local decision makers 

d) identify actions that can be taken by the Association and its coalition partners, to address local  priorities 

e) use and share documents, skills and knowledge from and with other local and national  groups whose aims are to tackle climate change  


3. Data Protection Policy 

The Association is committed to ensuring that the personal data relating to all Members, and other people it works with, are collected, stored and managed in line with the Data Protection Act. 

All members of the Steering Committee will be asked annually to read and acknowledge understanding of a set of Data Protection Act guidelines that the Secretary will create. The  Secretary will keep records to evidence that this is done. 

Our Data Protection Policy can be viewed on our Terms and Conditions page.

4. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy 

The Association is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among its Members  and other people it works with, and eliminating unlawful discrimination. In particular, the Steering  Committee will: 

a) create a working environment that is free from bullying, harassment, victimisation or  unlawful discrimination 

b) promote dignity and respect for all, and ensure that individual differences and  contributions are recognised and valued 

c) take seriously any complaints about such behaviours 

5. Environmental Policy 

The Association is committed to running in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. As  far as possible it will operate as a net zero carbon user. 

• When the Association needs to purchase stationery, catering supplies or other sundries, it  will use local suppliers, and Fairtrade brands wherever possible. It will use recycled  products wherever possible, and avoid all unnecessary packaging 

• When the Association needs to pay for the services of an external supplier or provider it  will try to choose one that is local, and that they have a ‘zero carbon’ plan. If they do not  have such a plan the Association will seek to persuade them to introduce one. 

• The Association will use whatever means it can to help its Members, and members of the  general public, to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. 


6. Health and Safety Policy 

The Association is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working  environment for all of its members, and anyone else who is directly impacted by their activities  (e.g. members of the public at events). 

• This responsibility will be delegated to a named volunteer for each event or activity. This  volunteer will be responsible for ensuring that this policy is upheld. The responsible person  will be named in advance and their name will be noted on all relevant risk assessments. All  volunteers involved in an event will be made aware of who is responsible for health and  safety.  

• A risk assessment will be carried out before every event. This will include assessing risk as it relates to all aspects of the event including: equipment; venue; volunteers; attendees.  Appropriate precautions will be taken to minimise hazards at all events and activities.  

• No volunteer will run an event or activity on their own, and at least two volunteers should stay at an event until it is finished and the last attendees have left.  

• The Association will hold Public Liability Insurance. 

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