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SHC Wishlist

SHC is a relatively new organisation, and we are only just starting to get new activities and subgroups off the ground. To find out what we are already doing things go to our Get Involved page. However, we have lots of ideas for activities and projects we would love to set up - but we just haven't had the time to get them going yet.

We would really love it if SHC Members or local groups were able to pick some (or even all!!) of these up. And of course we would love to hear from you if there are other 'Wishes' you would like add to the list.


Please contact us via our e.mail address if you would are interested in anything on our Wish List - either in getting actively involved, or just wanting more information.

Nature and the Environment

  • Create a map of Green Spaces in and around Market Harborough

  • Set up an Adopt a Tree scheme

  • Set up an Adopt Your Local Green Space scheme

  • Organise a Tree Survey of your street/school/park

  • Talk to local garden centres about only supplying Peat Free Compost

  • Start an Organic Gardening club in MH

  • Start a Composting Club in MH

  • Talk to the Council about verge mowing

Living Sustainability

  • Set up a Shop Local scheme

  • Create some advice guides on how to shop more sustainably

  • Work with local chemists to set up a 'Recycle Your Medicine Packaging' scheme in MH

  • Work with Supermarkets to set up Refill Water Stations in all of their shops

  • Work with shops and offices to reduce unnecessary heating and lighting when their premises are not in use

  • Set up scheme in MH to reduce take away food waste

  • Work with council to create advice leaflets on Home Insulation, Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, Rainwater Harvesting, LED Lighting etc and associated grants

  • Work with Council to improve Building Regulations for new homes

Getting Around Sustainably

  • Set up Idle Free Zones in the town

  • Lobby HD and LCC for more and better cycle and walking friendly routes

  • Organise a 'guided' cycle day out

  • Organise 'Cycle to School' days with your local school

  • Organise 'Cycle to Work' days where you work

  • Help install more Air Pollution Monitors

  • Create local cycling and walking maps

  • Set up car share scheme where you work

  • Work with local employers to create car share schemes in retail/industrial parks around the town

  • Work with council to introduce more traffic free or reduced speed streets in MH

  • Work with council to introduce more EV charging points

  • Work with council to improve public transport network in and around MH

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