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Wishcycling or Recycling...

Wishcycling refers to placing something in recycling when you're not sure if it is recyclable via that recycle scheme or not. Common examples would be foil, or some plastics, or greasy pizza boxes.

To avoid 'wishcycling', which can contaminate the rest of the recycling load, it's best to be a bit clued up about what can go in your bins.

In Leicestershire we have a lot of great options for recycling, and Market Harborough has a growing set of opportunities for recycling other than recycling in your green bin.

Market Harborough blue bins are processed at the CasePak plant, the items that are accepted are listed in detail here.

If it won't go in your blue bin you can recycle many items at the Recycling Centre... here's the list. (You need to book an appointment due to Covid restrictions)

This a-z from Leicestershire County Council gives a lot of options for disposing of common recyclable items.

This post isn't exhaustive - we've done our best, but there are some things that definitely slip through the gaps, eg. Print cartridges that can be recycled locally by dropping them in to the Cancer Research UK shop on Coventry Road.

If I've missed anything, please comment below or email and I will update!

If you have a query about how to recycle something, please feel free to email us at and we will do our best to investigate and find you an answer.



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