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About Us

Who We Are

We are a collaboration of communities and individuals coming together to make a difference in matters of sustainability, climate change, and all things ‘Green’.

What We Do

We work together with environmental groups and concerned individuals in the Market Harborough area to effect change at the individual, local, national and international level.

Our Vision

To face up to the climate crisis that now threatens all life on earth.

​To recognise and enact our responsibility as guardians of this planet, for the sake of future generations, and all those already affected by extremes of weather and rising sea levels.

​To keep hope alive by working together on our aims and objectives. 

Our Aims

1. To inform and educate local people about the environmental challenges we face, and the need for a positive local response.

2. To deliver and support the establishment of local projects designed to build sustainability, protect our environment, rebuild our communities’ cohesion and build our resilience to external factors.

3. To ensure that we take advantage of the benefits offered by working with regional and national groups that share our vision.

4. To foster good working relationships with groups and individuals who have a real influence on how our local environment is managed.

How We Are Organised

Sustainable Harborough Community is well organised, independent and democratic: we have a Constitution, elected Officers, and hold regular meetings and events.

Membership is open to individuals aged over 18, and to local groups (as Friends), who share our vision and aims.

We have a number of active sub-groups that members can get involved in.

We are also partnering with national organisations to help build a national Climate Coalition

To see our Constitution, click here

To see who is on the Committee, click here

Our History

Sustainable Harborough Community has been at the forefront of the environmental movement in Market Harborough and Harborough District since 2007. Originally known as Transition Town Market Harborough, we became the 22nd town to join the national and international Transition Town movement.


This group was instrumental in winning a Lottery Bid to set up the Sustainable Harborough Project, which ran for 5 years in the Town. With its full time staff and town office, it was able to work with Volunteers, Businesses and Local Councils to take forward a range of initiatives. For example, the project established Harborough Energy, edibLE16, and Taste Harborough. For a more detailed account of the achievements and legacy of the SH Project, click here.


In 2020 we relaunched ourselves as Sustainable Harborough Community. The devastating pandemic may have slowed and altered our progress but it hasn't dampened our enthusiasm, and we intend to make 2021 a real year of action.



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