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“Every day, I hear news about global warming and the life-threatening catastrophe that awaits us if we don’t stop the rise in atmospheric temperatures by limiting the emissions of deadly greenhouse gases.

I see graphic images of forest fires, melting ice caps and flooding caused by this phenomenon - as verified by leading scientists.


I worry about the future, especially for our children, but we feel powerless.


What can I do?”

Harborough Climate Action's overriding purpose is to help local residents, businesses, community groups, public bodies and politicians tackle the Climate Crisis and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Net Zero. (Check out our glossary page for explanations of the terminology used)

Our 4 core aims are to help people:

Click here to find out about the Carbon Footprint Wheel

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Learn, and Inform yourself about the crisis

Adapt your lifestyle to remove Greenhouse Gases

Join community groups and volunteer for helpful projects

Pressure politicians and businesses to take action

Have you seen the Climate Action Column in the Harborough Mail?

The Harborough Mail is now running a regular monthly 'Climate Action Column', which is being written by members of Harborough Climate Action. We will put a link to each article here as it is published.

If you would like to join Harborough Climate Action or ask us a question, or suggest something you would like to see on our website, just drop us an email

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