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There are many ways to reduce Greenhouse Gases in our own homes, and in our local communities. But for big changes, we all rely on local and national politicians - and sometimes we don't think they are doing enough. This page is all about what you can do to make sure your voice is being heard by the people who are making decisions about tackling the Climate Crisis on your behalf.

What is Harborough Climate Action Doing?

A key part of the work of Harborough Climate Action is to campaign at a local level on issues relating to the Climate Crisis. Whilst both the District Council and the County Council have declared a Climate Emergency, and have developed Climate Action Plans, there are serious concerns about how the overall aim of achieving Net Zero will be achieved. In particular :

  • there is no clear Action Plan with targets and milestones  to show exactly how Net Zero will be achieved

  • there is no clear Communications Plan to show how members of the public will find out about any plans

  • there is no plan for engaging with the public and getting their thoughts on what support they need to help them get to Net Zero


We would love to get to the position where Harborough Climate Action is seen as one of the key partners that can help local Councillors to develop and implement Climate Action Plans that will really work in getting our District and County to Net Zero by 2050 or before.

We will continue to write to Councillors with our questions, ideas and suggestions, attend relevant Council meetings, and review and comment on any documents they produce. This will be a key focus of our activity in 2022. Do let us know if you want to be involved in this vital work.

What is Harborough District Council (HDC) doing in response to the Climate Emergency?


  • Click here to find a history of the development of the HDC Climate Emergency Plan

  • Click here to read a copy of the HDC Climate Emergency Plan


  • There are many projects and activities already in hand, but, in the view of Harborough Climate Action, not nearly enough to ensure that Net Zero will be met by 2050

What is the Government doing in response to the Climate Emergency?


  • click on the pdf below to view the Government's Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution

What can you do to try and persuade local and national politicians to do more?


  • Join Harborough Climate Action to get involved in our campaigning work

  • Contact your local District and County Councillors to ask them to take the Climate Crisis more seriously. Names and contact details of all Councillors are readily available on the HDC and LCC websites

  • Contact your local MP to ask them to take the Climate Crisis more seriously

  • Join a national Campaigning group. There are plenty of them around, so we have drawn up this summary of who they are, what their key focus is, and how to contact them if you want to know more.

If you would like to join Harborough Climate Action or ask us a question, or suggest something you would like to see on our website, just drop us an email

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