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Sustainable Harborough Community understands that our planet is experiencing a climate crisis. We want to work together with the many excellent environmental and sustainability groups, projects and concerned individuals that exist across Market Harborough and the surrounding area to effect change that will help to avert the crisis.

Our Vision

To face up to the climate crisis that now threatens all life on earth.

To recognise and enact our responsibility as guardians of this planet, for the sake of future generations, and all those already affected by extremes of weather and rising sea levels.

To keep hope alive by working together on our aims and objectives. 

Any individual may become a Member of SHC as long as they are over 18 years of age, live or work in Market Harborough or the surrounding area, and support the Vision of Sustainable Harborough Community.

If you would like to join us in this goal, please become a member

Want to get Active?

If you want to be an active member of the Sustainable Harborough Community, then you might want to join one of our subgroups. They all meet regularly, either in person or on zoom, and are always happy to welcome new members who want to get directly involved in tackling issues relating to Climate Change:


To find out more, email us at

Please note that Sustainable Harborough Community is fully compliant with Data Protection regulations. You can read our DPA policy here.

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