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Our Team

Harborough Climate Action is a subgroup of Sustainable Harborough Community.


Our core team of active members include Tim Clayton (Chairman), Julie Fagan (Secretary) , Carmen Bond, Judy Burrage​, David Robbins, Michael Rodber, John Twidell and David Wragg. This group meets regularly and members take on various actions that are discussed at those meetings. See below for a list of recent activity.

We also have a number of interested but less active members. They are sent copies of various items received or produced by the active group, so that they are aware of what is going on. They can get more involved in activity as and when they wish.


If you would like to join the core team, or be added to the mailing list for items of interest, just click on the button


  • We generally meet every other Monday from 6pm - 7pm, usually by Zoom, to discuss local issues and decide on key areas for taking action.

  • Anyone can join the group, you don't have to be a Member of the Sustainable Harborough Community.

  • Actions include : researching and reporting on areas of concern; planning and running events to raise awareness of the issues; meeting with local politicians to highlight concerns and try to find solutions.

  • If you would like to attend, please let us know, and we will send you the zoom link.

Recent Activity undertaken by Harborough Climate Action

  • Started regular Climate Action column in Harborough Mail

  • Development of suite of pages on the Sustainable Harborough Community Community webiste aimed at helping people to understand the climate emergency, and how they can respond to it

  • Focus on helping people understand their Carbon Footprint and how they can reduce it

  • Responded to LCC Net Zero Strategy and Action Plan consultation

  • Written to the leader of Harborough District Council commenting on the lack of action on implementing the Climate Emergency Action Plan

  • Written to Harborough Mail to note lack of action on implementing the Climate Emergency Action Plan

  • Created window display in empty shop in St Mary's Place in Market Harborough, focussing on the Carbon Footprint Wheel


Harborough Climate Action is a member of the Friends of the Earth Climate Action network, and has recently won an 'Earthmovers 2022' award from them.


"The award is in recognition of the work the group has done over the year to lobby Harborough District Council to strengthen its Climate Emergency Action Plan and, through regular articles on climate in the Harborough Mail, social media campaigns and its active website, to raise climate awareness among residents in the Harborough district."


Friends of the Earth said Harborough Climate Action campaigners ‘had established a dynamic group with a specific focus on climate awareness raising and activism’.