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Harborough Climate Pledge

We are facing a Climate Crisis.
Without action, this won't change.

We invite you to pledge to act.


I pledge to take individual action.

(by reducing my personal carbon footprint)

I pledge to support local action.

(by voting, petitioning or protesting with
climate protection as priority)

I pledge to share this action.

(this is not a fight to tackle alone, I will
talk and take action with others)

shc action colour band.jpg

Thank you - your action matters.

An error occurred. Check you have entered all info and try again or email us.

The pledge is being organised by Harborough Climate Action,

Harborough Climate Action recognise their role and make this pledge too...

Harborough Climate Action pledge to:

Continue to support individuals, groups and businesses to move to Net Zero.

Endeavour to work with LCC and HDC to develop and implement Net Zero strategies.

Take positive action to hold LCC and HDC to account when they are not taking the actions needed to address the Climate Crisis.


Looking for your next action?

We suggest you Measure Your Carbon Footprint

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