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End to Blister Pack Recycling in Market Harborough

Although many advances have been made in recent years that make recycling of packaging easier, unfortunately things are going backwards when it come to blister packs.

Superdrug have for several years been offering this service through their stores that include pharmacies. For us living in Market Harborough we have had a fantastic scheme whereby residents could drop off their packs at the Methodist Church, then a volunteer would periodically take full bin bags into the Leicester Superdrug.

Unfortunately the pharmacy in the Leicester branch has now closed, so they can no longer accept donations. Enquirers at Kettering, Northampton, Daventry and Rugby have drawn a blank. It seems that Superdrug are trying to stop, or severely limit access to this facility.

It is therefore with regret that the Methodist Church has to announce that they will no longer be accepting empty blister packs.

The only options now available to people in this area are to:

  1. Buy a recycling bag from Terracycle

  2. Throw empty blister packs into your black (non-recyclables) bin

Please let us know if you have found another solution!


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