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Christmas Is Coming.....

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

... and we want to help you make it as sustainable as possible.

Whether you're hiding from the eager advertising or excitedly counting down the days, Harborough Climate Action has some tips for reducing your carbon footprint through the festive season.

It’s hard to take action against climate change when facing concerns about staying warm through winter and affording food and clothes while the prices soar. The suggestions in this article act to save the planet and also save people money.

When it comes to seasonal shopping the climate-friendly answer is to reuse, buy less and buy well.

Shop Local.

Many climate problems are out of our control with big businesses and governments constantly acting against our planet, but where you spend your money is climate action in itself. Market Harborough and the surrounding area is brimming with local shops and independent businesses where you can support local people by buying locally sourced items. This is often a way of buying better quality, more unique items at a fairer price.

Shop Pre-loved.

Shopping second hand through charity shops, Ebay, pre-loved stores and second hand bookshops is a great way to show love for the recipient while helping a charity and the planet. Are your children big fans of plastic toys? Find these second hand too; pre-loved toys are 'tried and tested' - they have gone through at least one round of play and shown they're tough enough - all the better for long lasting play in your home.

Source Wanted Pressies.

An estimated £42 million worth of unwanted Christmas presents end up in landfill each year. Reactivate those Santa lists for grown-ups; choosing a gift that will be truly appreciated may be easier if you just ask! For the people who have everything, consider gift experiences or charity vouchers rather than stuff.

We all know it’s not just about the presents, so these quick tips bring sustainability into your celebrations and preparations too:

  • Having a Christmas catch up? Use an independent and local cafe or restaurant.

  • Time to wrap gifts? Wrap for reuse or recycling - avoid glitter, foil and film - and let the person know that it’s reusable or recyclable (you can just write it on the gift-tag).

  • Planning your Christmas food? Add a few meat-free options to your menu. In the UK we bin 75 million edible mince pies every year! Work out how not to waste those party leftovers.

  • Children’s bedrooms overflowing already? Clear unwanted toys to charity or second-hand selling. This is an easy way to start conversations with younger ones about the joys of second hand toys.

  • Looking for a Christmas Tree? The most sustainable tree is the plastic tree you already have. The numbers get more complicated if you don’t already have a tree, but if you’re buying a cut tree please check it is responsibly sourced. If you’re buying a plastic tree then plan to use it for at least 7 years.

And here are some links to some really useful websites with lots more ideas on how to reduce your carbon footrpint, but still have an enjoyable Christmas season.


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