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Carbon Literacy

Carbon Literacy - What Is It, and How Can It Help?

Harborough Climate Action is really pleased to be hosting a talk on this topic by Ellen Worrell and Hannah Bedard from Green Welford.


Date : Wednesday May 15th

Time : 7.30pm

Venue : Congregational Church, Market Harborough, LE16 7JD


Hannah and Ellen have both undertaken full Carbon Literacy training, so are certified as Carbon Literate, and will be giving an overview of Carbon Literacy and what it means. During the talk they will

  • help people understand what actions they can take to make a difference to your carbon footprint

  • understand which actions make the biggest difference

  • help us all to get used to talking about climate change so it becomes part of mainstream conversation


Please use this link let us know if you are planning to join us.


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