Having problems managing your e.mails?

While email is a great tool for facilitating communication, it can sometimes becomes counter-productive because we feel the need to spend so much time managing our e-mails.

So here is a list of suggestions, gleaned from various sources, that we hope you will find helpful.

  • Check your e.mails several times a day, just to check for anything urgent, and perhaps delete 'rubbish', but only have one session in the day when you really sit down and deal with them. Set a time limit for this session.

  • Consider using the OHIO method (only handle it once).

  • Set up a set of folders and sub-folders to move things into so that they don't all sit in your Inbox, and you can find them when you need to

  • Maybe one of your folders could be 'reply by the weekend'

  • Use the star system to identify priorities

  • Try and use the 80/20 rule - weed out the 80% that aren't important and concentrate on the 20% that are. If its important, and you've weeded it out by mistake, it will sort itself out eventually

  • Don't be afraid to press 'Delete'

  • Think 2, 3 or even 4 times before using 'reply all'

  • Similarly, think hard about using a group email, if it is only actually relevant to one or two people in the group

  • Ruthlessly unsubscribe from things that you don't actually read

  • Have a good clear out of your e.mails occasionally (in box and sent mail), deleting and archiving things as required - maybe try and get to 'Inbox Zero' occasionally (i.e. no emails in your inbox at all)

  • Try using the 1 minute rule. If you can create a reply within1 minute, reply to it immediately and archive it. If you think it is going to take longer, move it to a 'pending' folder and come back to it when you have thought about it and have time to respond properly

  • Disable social media notifications

  • Add a note to the subject title to help recipients judge its importance - e.g. URGENT, FOR ACTION, FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Do let us know if you have any tips of your own. info@sustainableharboroughcommunity.co.uk


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