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All you need to know about Recycling!

The Market Harborough Eco Church group has put this helpful information together.

Before you start, some thoughts about recycling. See

To learn more about how we can reduce waste, reuse materials, recycle and compost, and get involved, see Leicestershire Waste Partnership which includes Harborough District Council at

Remember our local charity shops rely on our recycling of goods and textiles. The unsold items are collected by a national or local business (it varies between charities) with payment by weight but they don’t have capacity just for textile recycling. That has to go to the local tip recycling point. The information here is correct at the time of going to print.

Reduce plastic use by refilling foods, beauty products, cleaning materials, gifts and more.

  • at The Village along St Mary’s Rd behind Kwikfit,

  • Harborough Market Refills in the Indoor Market

  • and some supermarkets.

Remember to save your empty containers for the purpose.

And lastly,  WRAP is a climate action organisation working around the world to tackle the causes of the climate crisis. It is giving the planet a sustainable

future by changing the way things are produced, consumed, and disposed of.

More local recycling

1.Recycling at home.

  • All Leicestershire County Council recycling (apart from North West Leicestershire) is done by Casepak For the up to date list see

2. Recycling at the local tip.


In conclusion

My thanks to the Events Committee of the Kibworth Community Library for requesting a comprehensive list of possible recycling in our area.

This was part of the second Great Big Green Week organised nationally by The Climate Coalition and locally by Sustainable Harborough Community

Thank you.

Julie Fagan, volunteer, Sustainable Harborough Community and Eco Churches



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