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Give a Helping Hand to the Wave Of Hope

The Wave of Hope will be a mass message to the G7 meetings being held in the UK from June 11th to 13th in Cornwall. We would like the centre of Market Harborough to be full of colourful waving hands. These will express our hopes and dreams for the future we want the world’s governments to take on board – hopes for halting climate change, cleaning up the planet and changing unfairness in our society.

We hope as many of you as possible, young and old, will make as many waving hands as you can. Draw around your hand onto anything you can find that is recyclable – paper, card, fabric – and write a short hope on each one, such as ‘No more plastic in our oceans’ or ‘Cleaner air for our towns and cities’. There are templates and lots of creative ideas at You can display them in your home window and we would welcome some to display in town – shops and notice boards.

Contact Julie Fagan ( or 07985 780204) who will collect the hands and get them displayed.

Thank you.

Julie Fagan, Sustainable Harborough Community and St Di’s Eco Church Team


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