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Buying Better and Binning Less.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This post will be updated and added to throughout January... please keep coming back...

For starters... let's think about 'stuff'...

"There is no such thing as away"

This is a rather simple concept, but once you apply it to everything you see and touch and use and desire then it can only change the way you act as a consumer.

Binning Less - Oh Oh Olio

"Before buying anything consider it's beforelife and afterlife"

The "Buyerarchy of Needs" as drawn by Sarah Lazarovic gives a great visual of how we should be considering obtaining the things that we need.

"Use what you have, borrow, swap, thrift, make, buy". in that order.

We would argue that the lines between 'make' and 'buy' may be rather blurry, there is often advantage in a well considered purchase rather than buying more materials so you can make an item.

If you do find yourself in that red section in the tippety top of the triangle, this is the time to check out the wonderful local businesses in Harborough District, especially those who focus on locally sourced products and well made products. Buying once and buying well will place an item back at the bottom of the pyramid - and tell your friends about your wonderful new thing... they may well want to borrow it!

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