Sustainability Wins

Recognising sustainability successes in our community.

Local people are making a phenomenal difference - tiny changes accumulate, and teamwork and big efforts make quick impact.

Let's celebrate our successes and be inspired by their efforts to take action ourselves.

Have you been active? We would love to include your efforts:

I made a Show The Love window display

Learn more about the Climate Coalition Green Hearts campaign...

It will soon be time for sowing Sweet Peas and Broad Beans, so I've started getting my 'root-trainers' ready.

Getting your garden ready for Spring? We're putting together a few tips.

All ready for a trip to the Eco Village next week

Check out Harborough Eco Village in our Green Directory

Deleted 7,700 spam emails... alarmingly there are still a lot to go but it's better than them clogging up a power hungry server!

See why paperless problems add up to an environmental cost here...

End of year sort out of paperwork = Big pile of 'confidential' waste = Big bag of shredded paper = Free food for my compost heap!

605 free trees safely planted in three Market Harborough schools by volunteers in December.

More events in new year. What about your school or have you got space for trees?

I've just signed UK Climate Coalitions "The Time is Now" declaration

Individual action all adds up - this is a great initiative.

Just been to collect used coffee grounds from 2 coffee shops in town, They will now be taken to Stevens St Allotments, where grateful plot-holders will add them to their compost heaps!

Diverting food waste from landfill is a great win. Learn more about composting from the Master Composters.

2100 bags of litter collected by South Leicestershire Litter Womble Volunteers in November alone.

Join the effort here. You won't find a friendlier bunch of litter pickers!

Little litter pick - half an hour of footpath clearing and grabbing cigarette ends before they go down the gullies and end up in the river!

To learn more about voluntary litter picking, check out South Leicestershire Litter Wombles on facebook.

12 Trees planted at Welland Park Academy by WP Students Eco Group helped by Harborough Woodland Volunteers.

Find out more about Harborough Woodland here ...

Helped wonderful Eco students plant Woodland Trust trees at Welland Park Academy

Find out more about Harborough Woodland here ...