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Save Our Sewers

Unblocktober is a national campaign and awareness month to improve the health of the UK’s drains, sewers and rivers and how we can all help prevent blockages. Sadly last year, Anglian Water for example, had to remove over 3,000 tonnes of wipes, sanitary products and cooking oils from sewers at a cost that is paid for through our bills. Not pleasant for the people removing this mess either.

However all is not lost. Leftover kitchen fat, oil and grease can be reused and recycled. We can freeze leftover fat in ice cube trays to make stock or gravy. We can leave cooking oil to cool for a few minutes and then pour it into a container to reuse another time or take it to our local oil recycling point.​ Ah but do we have a local recycling point?

That’s where Leicestershire County Council’s very helpful alphabetical recycling list comes to the rescue and sure enough there was cooking oil. There are special containers for oils at our local recycling and household waste sites.

Businesses are included in the list – they can donate used cooking oil to Biodiesel companies who will convert it into biodiesel.

Oh and by the way, coffee grounds block pipes too, an urban myth that they don’t, and are much better put on the garden. How Do I Dispose Of Coffee Grounds? - Coffee Central Roasting Co.

For more information on Unblocktober, visit their website


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