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Forefront Audio Visual Ltd (MyHarb)

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Market Harborough

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We are a collective team of experienced graphic designers and animation specialists. Our team is locally based and experienced in various design software.

Our team has a simple objective ‘to help you put your brand, product or service at the forefront of your target audience’. We use the latest in technology to create and display dynamic digital adverts for our clients. Our adverts run across a network of digital screens in Harborough Town, playing 16 hours a day and 7 days week.

Description of Organisation or Services

We provide a cost effective digital advertising campaign compared to traditional printed "door drop" leaflet/magazine delivery, with the objective of saving 20,000 + items of printed leaflets, magazines etc, ending up in the bin each month. Our digital advertising starts from just £189 + VAT (10% Welcome Discount available) for one month, compare this to a typical printed advert in a local door-drop magazine cover page at £199 or local radio adverts starting at £199.

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