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United for Warm Homes

Harborough Climate Action is proud to be a supporter of this campaign being led by Friends of the Earth. Our local campaign, which we aim to launch in the New Year, will be focussed on getting better support for the potentially thousands of residents across Harborough facing fuel poverty this winter.

In particular we are calling for our local and national politicians to provide the following :

  1. Urgent additional financial support to keep people warm. Even with the government’s price freeze, too many people will be pushed into rationing their energy use this winter and living in cold, damp homes. We need more targeted support to keep people warm and well.

  2. A nationwide insulation programme. We need the government to roll out an emergency programme of insulation and energy saving measures now - starting in neighbourhoods where fuel poverty is highest.

  3. Permanent fixes to our failed energy system. Our energy system currently prioritises massive fossil fuel company profits over meeting people’s basic needs. By powering our homes with cheap and clean renewables and guaranteeing everyone the energy they need to live comfortably, we can ensure no one is left in the cold

We have started contacting other local groups who want to see these goals achieved, and hope to build a local hub so that joint action an be taken.

If you are part of a local group that might be interested in joining a local hub for this campaign, please let us know by sending us an email :

In advance of launching our campaign, David from Harborough Climate Action has produced this really helpful paper which looks at some of the data which define exactly how big the problem is. It also contains links to several useful websites for people wanting to know more.

HCA Warm Homes Data and Links
Download PDF • 925KB


Jan 12, 2023

Meeting being planned for early February for this. Details to follow.


This is an excellent campaign. Already several community groups have signed up to join in. Together we can make a difference, Julie

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