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Pancake Day - Tuesday 16th Feb

Pancake Day is coming.

Let's start with this observation... No, you probably don't need a new frying pan even if the supermarket are selling them for pennies. Resist that odd temptation. Now onto more important business... lemon and sugar, or chocolate sprinkles, or cinnamon sugar?

In case you haven't got a recipe to hand, this is our household pancake recipe. It's accidentally vegan so that's a bit fab, and absolutely tried and tested!

These come out like scotch pancakes,

but if you prefer crepes then...

let me Ecosia that for you... pancakes

Add dry ingredients into a bowl, quick stir, then whisk in milk.

125g self raising flour

2tbsp sugar

half tsp of baking powder

pinch of salt

175ml milk/mylk

little bit of veg oil in frying pan,

1 generous tbsp of this mix makes one pancake.

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