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Harborough Big Green Week - Green Open Homes

Have you installed solar panels? Or cavity wall insulation? Or a bio mass boiler? Or an air source heat pump? Or even all of these!

As part of Harborough Big Green Week, we are planning to run a Green Open Homes event - showcasing homes in the area which have some form of installation to make them low carbon. We already have a few homes lined up, but we are looking for homes to act as 'hosts' during the week

On an event day, people who have made energy saving improvements open up their homes to share their experiences. Visiting a home is a great way to find out about the reality of getting solar panels, insulation, triple glazing, or other heating options without talking to a salesman. You can have a good look at the technology, ask the residents whether the installation was a hassle, and find out much they’re really saving on their energy bills as a result.

As a host you can choose when you would like to be open, and you can set how many visitors you are happy to have. SHC will support you in organising and promoting your event.

If you would like your home to be part of the Green Open Homes event do get in touch


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