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Green Energy Plan for Great Bowden

This article has recently appeared on the BBC's Local Democracy Reporting Service

"A disused mushroom farm that has been used for illegal raves could be used to produce green energy under new plans. An anaerobic digestion plant would be built at Marigold Farm, off Welham Way, near Great Bowden, under the proposals. The factory would turn chicken manure into gas, which would be piped to the National Grid, applicant Great Bowden Green Energy Ltd said.

The plans, submitted to Leicestershire County Council, said the new facility would help bring Marigold Farm back into use.

According to the application, the site would be an anaerobic digestion plant, which facilitates the fermentation of raw materials, or feedstock, in a large, airtight tank to create biomethane and CO2.

In this instance, the applicant is proposing to use a mix of poultry manure, straw and maize to create gas, which would be transported via pipes to the main National Grid pipeline, removing the need for it to be taken away by tankers.

CO2 would be "used in the food and drink industry", but no further details were given in the application documents"

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