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Harborough Climate Action - Latest News

Items discussed at Harborough Climate Action Meeting on Sept 26th

  • It was agreed that Tim Claydon should again contact the Leader of Harborough District Council, and the cabinet member with responsibility for the environment, to ask for information on what their priorities are for progressing the HDC Climate Emergency Action Plan

  • Tim Claydon agreed to take over responsibility for organising the monthly Climate Action column in the Harborough Mail

  • We agreed that we should organise a special meeting to discuss what HCA is trying to achieve, and how best to get there. This meeting should be open to a wide audience.

  • In the meantime Judy Burrage will draft a questionnaire to be sent to all of our contacts seeking opinions on what they would like to see HCA doing in the future, and how they would like to get more involved

  • Updates were given on the United for Warm Homes campaign, and HCA links with Harborough Town Hub and Neighbourhood Forums

More information about Harborough Climate Action can be found on the HCA webpages

New members of Harborough Climate Action are always welcome -

email us at


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