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Unfiltered Vegan Ltd

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65 St Mary's Rd, Market Harborough LE16 7DS, UK

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Unfiltered Vegan is a family start up business based in the UK selling high quality, Organic and Natural Superfood Powders and Superfood Blends with a single goal in mind – to help people transition into a healthier lifestyle and discover the amazing benefits of what nature has to offer. We were inspired by Georgiana’s childhood where she used to forage for Sea Buckthorn with her Grandparents and remembered how the natural, organic produce would help keep them healthy. We wanted to reinvigorate this philosophy which is lost on so many people nowadays where artificial substitutes and supplements are replacing natural vitamins and minerals. During the beginning of the 1st lockdown in 2020 we were looking to purchase sea-buckthorn powder for ourselves to help our immune system against the virus and we realised that it wasn't very accessible in the UK and the products that were available were low quality and not organic. In addition to sea buckthorn, we tasted other superfoods such as Camu Camu powder which was featured in the Netflix documentary "Down to Earth-with Zac Effron" and Maca powder and we were blown away by the amount of nutrients and benefits they have. We found that superfood products aligned to our values of sustainability, high quality, organic and eco friendly were not available. We began to source responsible suppliers and started providing these healthy, nutritious and sustainable products to the UK market and we are very happy with what we have achieved so far.

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We operate a paperless business and all our packaging and labels are recycled, recyclable and we endeavour to make our business as sustainable as possible.

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