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Flowery Veg Co.

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Local wild florist that works out of a home studio providing gift bouquets, floral tributes, wedding and event flowers and more. Also an experimental grower of flowers, plants and veggies that blogs and posts helpful hints and tips to encourage others to do the same!

Description of Organisation or Services

Flowery Veg Co. mostly uses British blooms (sometimes even home grown - even better!) meaning that the flowers used are picked from a field in this country and delivered straight to my doorstep - no air miles or nasty chemicals to keep them alive for longer. All my wrapping is also eco friendly so that everything that arrives with my customer can be recycled (and usually biodegradable!) or compostable. Speaking of compostable, we also keep a few traditional compost heaps ticking over to use on the allotment so nothing goes to waste. Hopefully me showing others ways of growing your own flowers, plans and veggies also encourages people to have a go themselves and therefore reduce their own waste (whilst having fun!).

Green Services

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