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Renewable Energy Consultant - Edwin Carter

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I work as an independent consultant for several organisations in the renewable energy/green sector, including Project Heating Solutions, who are MCS accredited, get EPVS validation and are a member of HIES.
I provide completely free soft surveys which demonstrate existing running costs and Airsource heat pump running costs based on the individual’s unit prices, this also gives reasonably accurate RHi entitlement projections and I can help with the claiming of the green homes grant which became available on the 12th of September 2020 and can be a bit long winded and complex. I calculate the exact KW size of Airsource required to make sure both the space heating and water heating demands of each individual property are met efficiently and economically .
I also provide solar panel and battery storage surveys again giving costings and returns based on the last 20 years weather patterns in the property area.

Description of Organisation or Services

Free soft surveys to establish the viability of an Airsource Heat Pump for a property.
Calculation of Airsource Heat Pump size required.
Solar Panel and Battery Storage Surveys.
RHI entitlement projections and Green Homes Grant applications assistance.

Green Services

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