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Would You Like To Adopt A Plant?

Waterloo Cottage Farm in Great Oxendon, is about to embark on the creation of an edible forest garden. They are just starting to sow thousands of seeds of edible plants which will ultimately be planted in and around the existing orchard. This is quite a big task, as you can imagine and they need plenty of help!

Kirsty Clarke and her team are asking enthusiastic volunteers to adopt one or two plants at a time, (in the form of seeds), germinate them and grow them on until they are strong enough to be planted outdoors, (ideally when they are in 8cm pots). Some plants will need adopting for a few months and some more vulnerable plants will need to be cared for over their first winter, ready to go in the ground next spring. Kirsty says "With your help, I am sure we can give our young plants the best chance of getting established. We are encouraging volunteers to keep a plant or two for their own gardens and for plant loving friends/family".

If you are interested in adopting and caring for a baby plant, then please let the team at Waterloo Cottage Farm know by popping into the Farm Shop or by emailing them at They will then contact you when the seeds are ready to be handed over for 'adoption'.

Volunteers will receive email instructions to tell them of how to look after their plant seedlings and when to take them back to Waterloo Cottage Farm for planting out.


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