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United for Warm Homes Update, April 2023

After a very successful kick off meeting on March 25th, (which made it on to the cover of the Harborough Mail on April 6th!), we are starting to get events and activities organised to highlight the campaign, and to get individuals, organisations and businesses to sign the petition.

So far, the following organisations have pledged to support the campaign:

  • Home Start South Leicestershire

  • Age UK, Leicestershire and Rutland

  • Harborough Woodland Volunteers

  • Harborough Eco Churches

  • Harborough Rotary Club

  • Sustainable Harborough Community

  • Harborough Climate Action

We hope to run our first event on April 27th - we are just finalising the details which will be published soon! We are also planning to be present at the Harborough Carnival and Harborough Big Green Week, so look out for us there. And we will soon have our own page on the SHC website.

At all of our events there will be a chance to ask questions about the campaign, offer your support for future events, and sign our petition. You can also sign the petition on-line via the link below. In due course, the petition will be handed to our local MP Neil O'Brien.

Harborough Climate Action is proud to be a supporter of this campaign being led by Friends of the Earth. Our local campaign will be focussed on getting better support for the potentially thousands of residents across Harborough facing fuel poverty this winter and beyond.

The campaign will be calling for our local and national politicians to provide the following :

  1. Urgent additional financial support to keep people warm. Even with the government’s price freeze, too many people will be pushed into rationing their energy use this winter and living in cold, damp homes. We need more targeted support to keep people warm and well.

  2. A nationwide insulation programme. We need the government to roll out an emergency programme of insulation and energy saving measures now - starting in neighbourhoods where fuel poverty is highest.

  3. Permanent fixes to our failed energy system. Our energy system currently prioritises massive fossil fuel company profits over meeting people’s basic needs. By powering our homes with cheap and clean renewables and guaranteeing everyone the energy they need to live comfortably, we can ensure no one is left in the cold


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