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Last time I went to Everards Meadows in Leicester and came back full of new ideas, this time I’ve been to see family in London and couldn’t stop taking photographs of what I saw to bring back to Harborough. Though London is one big Urban Heat Island, which because of the heat stored in the brick, concrete and roads is always several degrees warmer than the surrounding suburban or rural areas, it didn’t feel like it on this windy cold day.

The first thing I saw was a lamp post electric car charging point, run by Siemens, they seemed to be all along this street, now that would be helpful on my road in Market Harborough.

Another approach is kerbside charging points like this one, there is certainly an area on my street where they would fit in.

It just so happens that today on the news there is an item about the need for coordinated planning for electric car infrastructure, and recommends creating a new independent regulator OFCHARGE to monitor and organise this infrastructure :

“The UK automotive industry has today published a new seven-point plan to ensure every driver in Britain can benefit from an electric vehicle charging network that is affordable, available and accessible to all. The plan, designed to drive collaboration between government, industry and all other stakeholders, calls for mandated targets for infrastructure rollout, backed by an independent regulator to keep consumers at the heart of planning.” Read more here.

Zipcar offers a car sharing scheme run through an app and website across London,Oxford,Bristol and Cambridge. They are in transition to electric car sharing. The website writes : “Our electric cars are already leading the charge across London, giving Londoners access to 400+ affordable electric cars whenever they need them. But that’s just the start. Our goal is to be fully electric by 2025, with 800,000 Londoners embracing fully electric car-sharing and reaping the benefits.”

And then there was an e-bike from the company Human Forest parked …….

It is good to get out and look around and see what other groups and places are up to.

If you would like to join the Transport Action Group, do let us know.


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