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Time To Get Active with SHC

Now that spring is on the way, and Covid is not causing quite so many limitations on what we can do, SHC is starting to plan ahead for events and activities in 2022.

But we need help from our members and potential members to make things happen. Over the next few weeks we will be running a series of blogs to suggest activities we would like to get going, and inviting you to get involved in setting up and running them - with the help and support of the Steering Committee of course!

First up - Regular Litter Picking!

Litter picks have always proved to be popular events, but they do take a bit of planning in advance and organising on the day. We are looking for one or two people to take this on, and these are the sorts of things they will need to do :

  • Setting dates and times, and planning routes, perhaps one Litter Pick a month

  • Organising a start and end point

  • Promoting the date to make sure lots of people turn up

  • Making sure the equipment needed is available

  • Checking borrowed equipment in and out

  • Holding a briefing session before everyone sets off

  • Liaising with the Council to ensure filled rubbish bags are collected

SHC have run Litter Picks before, so there will be lots of help and advice available and you won't be starting with a complete blank sheet of paper.

If you and a couple of friends, or perhaps your family, would be interested in getting this project off the ground, please get in touch:


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