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Thursday's Composting Tip

Keeping Rats and Mice out of your Compost Bin

The risk that rats and mice will move into their compost heap is a concern for many people, but a few simple steps should keep them vermin free.

First of all, make sure you do not add any cooked food to the heap, as this will definitely attract them. You may also want to avoid adding egg shells, as the remnants of the egg inside the shell may be attractive to vermin.

Secondly, rats and mice will be looking for somewhere warm and dry to make a nest, so ensuring your compost remains moist all the way through will help to deter them. Give the heap a good soaking of water occasionally.

Thirdly, rats and mice don't like being disturbed, so make sure your heap is regularly turned or at least forked about.

Finally, if you can't turn your heap regularly, make sure you visit it regularly, and make some noise or disturbance in the vicinity.


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