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The Paint Pottle - Something Crafty

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Paint Pottle on St Mary's Road offer fantastic to-go kits that are safely within January's Tier 4 restrictions.

Use the code SUSTHARB at the checkout in January to receive 10% off your purchases (Offer now expired).

This friendly local business offers an engaging, relaxing and creative experience for all visitors.

During Covid Tiers, customers can order to-go kits online and collect from the alleyway to the left of the shop.

Visit to order your to go kits - prices start at a very reasonable £7.50.

Order online, collect your kit from beside the shop, take it home and enjoy a cosy afternoon of painting, rinse your brushes and return your paint pots and paintbrushes together with your dry painted pot to the Paint Pottle alleyway, then within a week you will receive a message saying that your pottery is ready and you can collect it ready to treasure and display at home.

Sustainability at the Paint Pottle

We asked the Paint Pottle about their sustainable practices...

  • We recycle as much as we can, including all the plastic bottles our paints, underglazes and glazes come in (which are non toxic).

  • When we can serve tea and coffee we use cafetieres and paper tea bags. Some of our used coffee grounds go to my friends allotment.

  • The majority of our packaging is recyclable paper or card and we encourage people to return their bubble wrap (many people who have moved house etc bring me their bubble to reuse and I reuse what packaging I can from my suppliers).

  • We reuse tin cans for brush pots and water pots - they also make excellent formers for some of our clay projects. We also reuse anything we think will make a nice or interesting texture in clay!

  • I'm trying to source as much bisque as I can from a local supplier to keep miles down but I do buy some imported pieces.

  • I buy eco cleaning products (including loo roll) and refill at the market. We would normally use washable cloths and towels at the pottle but during covid we've had to turn to paper products more.

  • We reuse our takeaway kit packaging and brushes after a dip in disinfectant.



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