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Sustainable Growth Summit

East Midlands Chamber of Commerce are running a Sustainable Growth Summit, on 20th September in Derby. The summit is aiming to unlock the economic benefits of green growth for SMEs in the East Midlands

Economic and business growth must be sustainable growth. Recent economic shocks have exacerbated the cost of doing business crisis – this has focused mindsets to build back stronger, cleaner and greener. Net zero and the wider ESG agenda are quickly rising up the priority list for many organisations – research, undertaken with the University of Derby shows the number of East Midlands businesses selling environmentally-friendly goods and services is on the rise, with a growing trend of diversification into green markets and a doubling of those organisations integrating low-carbon growth into their strategic business plans.

Underlying activity and tackling climate change and nature’s decline remains one of the most pressing issues of our generation, which if left unchecked will bring with it the potential for extensive business disruption in the future.

The Summit will bring together industry specialists, scholars, and the business community to focus on how we can create business value opportunities whilst ensuring a just transition to net zero.


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