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Repairing is Caring - Anand Shoes

If you love something, let it last.

Anand Shoes have been operating in Market Harborough for over 25 years.

They are passionate about leather repair and refurbishment - helping your items last longer and perform better.

Anand shoes are a great example of how easily we can fight 'fast fashion' by repairing the items we already own, and buying sensible quality items when we need to buy something new.

Something that is brand new is the Anand Shoes website where you can find information about the products they stock and the repair services they offer.

  • Shoe repairs, Heel replacement, Re-soling

  • Bag repairs, restoration and re-colouring

  • Zip replacement and zip tags

  • Belt adjustment, hole punching in belts, new belt buckles

  • Stretching calves on boots

and so much more than I can list here.

Best to check their website or give them a call to see what they can offer for you.

Been living by the mantra 'Push, don't Pollute' and worn through your shoes? Or have you walked so far on your government-mandated exercise that your footwear feels ill-fated?

Tatty trainers and shabby sneakers can be repaired and refurbished, cleaned and reconditioned.

During the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, Anand Shoes continue to offer socially distanced services.


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