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Peat Free Gardening (8)

And finally, here's a summary of what we have covered .......

  • PFG (1) - Introduction

  • PFG (2) - Why we should all use peat free compost

  • PFG (3) - What is in peat free compost

  • PFG (4) - Where to get peat free products locally

  • PFG (5) - How to use peat free compost

  • PFG (6) - What the Government and the Horticulture Industry are doing

  • PFG (7) - What else you can do

........ and a few final tips

  • Read the labels - if it doesn't say 'Peat Free' it probably isn't. 'Sustainable', 'Organic' and 'Reduced Peat' aren't good enough

  • Shop around and try different products, and find the right one to suit the gardening task you are undertaking

  • Try something a bit different like Dalefoot compost made from sheep's wool and bracken, or dried coir blocks, or spent mushroom compost

  • Don't just stop at going peat free. There are plenty of other ways to garden more sustainably:

- buy plastic free plant pots, or better still re-use empty plastic containers

or takeaway drinks cups

- stop using chemical based pesticides and weedkillers

- mow your grass less often to give insects and wild flowers a chance to flourish

We hope you have found this series of blogs useful and will look out for a future series on Organic Gardening.


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Apr 02, 2021

If you want to help make a difference, why not sign this petition to support the ban on peat free compost being organised by The Wildlife Trusts.

Sarah vdW
Sarah vdW
May 10, 2021
Replying to

Thank you - I've added this to the 'petitions' list that we have too in the hope that someone may spot it there. (and I've signed).

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