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Peat Free Gardening (4)

Peat free products are available in all of our local garden centres. However, availability may vary from week to week, so if you are thinking of making a special trip, probably best to ring ahead to check. Most local garden centres will deliver, but may charge a delivery fee, depending on where you live, and how much you are buying.

Outlet Peat Free Products Offered

The Plantman, Braybrooke ‘Bord na Mona’ PF multipurpose compost, price TBC

01858 530 787 PF soil conditioner, 4 bags for £12

Kibworth Garden Centre ‘Melcourt/Sylvagrow’ PF multipurpose compost, £6 for 50l

0116 279 2754

Langton Garden Centre ‘New Horizon’ PF all purpose compost, £TBC for 60l

01858 545 819 'Dalefoot' PF wool based compost,

Welland Valley Feeds ‘Ambassador’ PF multipurpose compost, £4.19 for 40l

01858 461463

Farndon Fields Farmshop ‘New Horizon’ PF compost, £5.99 for 60l, 2 bags for £10

01858 464838

And of course there are lots of websites where you can buy peat free compost on-line for home delivery. If you want a lot, you will get a much better price this way.


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