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HDC Climate Action Consultation - Part 3

The fourth commitment that HDC is making in their draft action plan is "to work with businesses to support their actions in reducing emissions and help them increase their resilience to the impacts to climate change". There are several questions in the survey that relate to this commitment, and so we would like to suggest some things for you to consider when responding.

Harborough District is home to a real plethora of businesses, from small sole traders operating from home, to shops, offices, cafes and restaurants of various sizes, and even to the head offices of international companies. The range of services they offer, and the business sectors they represent is enormous.

What they all have in common, is that, along with councils and individuals, they need to be considering the emissions they create, and drawing up a plan to reduce them to zero. So what support do they actually need to achieve this? Whether you are a business owner or the employee of a business, HDC needs to understand what support your business needs.

  • Do you know what the emissions of your business are currently?

  • If not, what help do you need to ensure that you can measure them?

  • Do you have a plan for reducing those emissions to zero within the next 10 years?

  • If not, what help do you need to enable you to create one?

  • What information do you need the council to provide?

  • Do you need specific training/retraining to be available?

  • What funding/grants would be helpful to enable you to make the necessary changes in your business

  • Do you know where to look for examples of best practice?

  • Do you know where there are opportunities being created for new businesses and jobs as we move to a zero carbon world?

Don't forget the closing date for responses to the survey is July 30th, so don't miss out on your chance to have your say, and let the council know what they need to do to support the businesses you run, work for or use in the district.


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