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Have Your Say - HDC and LCC Consultations

Harborough District Council and Leicestershire County Council are both running consultations to gain the views of their residents before the end of January. Follow the links below to go to the surveys.

1. Engaging with our Community

Harborough District Council would like to hear about how you access their services and how you access social/community activities such as sport and recreation and parks. Please allow approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey.

2. LCC Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan (2022-26) sets out the County Council’s ambitions and priorities for the years ahead. It outlines what they want to achieve and how they intend to do it. The Plan therefore includes the aims and actions needed to protect frontline services which support vulnerable people and the actions LCC will deliver to ensure this.

3. LCC Health & Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing Board brings together organisations responsible for making decisions about health, wellbeing and care services in Leicestershire. This includes the NHS, colleagues from Leicestershire County Council, Healthwatch and other agencies. The Board plans how best to meet the needs of the local population and tackle health inequalities and we do this through a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

LCC are now seeking your views on the outcomes suggested and if they reflect your health and wellbeing priorities and those of the people you know or care for in Leicestershire.

4. Updates on previous consultations

Both councils regularly undertake consultations. You can find out the results of previous consultations here :


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