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Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

The Climate Justice Coalition is coalition of groups and individuals committed to building solidarity and power for climate justice in Britain and across the globe.

Temperatures are rising. Corporate profits are rising. Now we’re rising.

As world leaders gathered for the UN’s climate negotiations at COP28, a climate summit presided over by an oil executive, groups across the world came together on 9 December to demand climate justice.

Harborough Climate Action wanted to make sure that people from Market Harborough and the surrounding area could make their voices heard, by holding a peaceful protest outside the Old Grammar School.

Admittedly the weather was rather cold and windy, but we were disappointed by the number of people who actually came along to join us. Only about 20 in total, with half of those coming from Northampton, Kettering and Kibworth, rather than the town itself. And whilst many motoristst did hoot to show their support, a noticeable number also made it clear that they did not support us by shouting disparaging remarks and making offensive gestures.

Do the people of Market Harborough really care so little about the climate and environment crises? Or are groups like Harborough Climate Action, who only ever make peaceful protests, being associated with groups who take more radical actions?

HCA would love to hear what you think

If you have any thought, do comment on this post, or send us an email :

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1 Comment

Dec 13, 2023

We might have been few in number, but we were big in heart!

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