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Global Day of Action

The Global Day of Action for Climate Justice in Harborough on Saturday afternoon brought not only the sun but also passionate climate activists of all ages, with their placards to join in the climate chants, and talk to passers-by.

During the course of the afternoon, about 80 people came along while people across the road stopped to look at what we were saying, seeming to agree. More people signed up for the Harborough Climate Action climate pledge or took leaflets to learn more. And adults and children contributed to our Climate Action Banner, which we will be sending to our MP, Neil O'Brien.

When car drivers saw our sign inviting them to sound their horns if they agreed we are facing a climate crisis, many did, sounding away and giving us cheery waves too but some looked worried or even angry. Did they think we might do something extreme like the Just Stop Oil people? Harborough Climate Action, who organised the event, are committed to protesting loudly and forcefully on Climate Action, but not in a way that would cause disruption to other people's lives.

If you would like to join this group, email us at

We are in a crisis and our Government and local council are taking too long to respond. We hope our actions help them to get a move on urgently!


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