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Give the gift of a low carbon Christmas

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

A carbon neutral Christmas

This time of year consumption goes up and with it our carbon footprint. If you have friends or family who would appreciate knowing that the CO2 from their Christmas is being absorbed, the gift of a carbon neutral Christmas could be just the thing. Carbon Savvy have come up with a way you can give this through gifting a carbon offset. (Read more about why Carbon Savvy offset projects are completely bonafide here.)

5 gift vouchers

Carbon Savvy have created offset vouchers especially for the festive season. Chose between:

  • Christmas dinner for the whole family - 0.5 tonnes of CO2 for £15

  • The 12 days of Christmas for one person - 1.0 tonne CO2 for £30

  • Christmas day for a family of four - 2 tonnes CO2 for £60

  • Your giftee’s carbon footprint from Christmas to Easter - 5 tonnes CO2 for £125

  • Your giftee’s whole carbon footprint for the last year - 15 tonnes CO2 for £375

You’ll get a gift voucher and a carbon removals certificate, to send or give with your own message. It is a great way to introduce people to the idea of carbon reductions, and friends and family can relax into the enjoyment of Christmas knowing that it has been made carbon neutral. Being able to offset those emissions we cannot immediately reduce is a great opportunity, as it has such a fast impact on our footprints. And Carbon Savvy have done all the homework to ensure that the offsets we offer are 100% genuine, guaranteed and instant, so that every pound you spend on offsets causes carbon reductions that would not otherwise have happened.

Click here to buy your vouchers :


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