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Food Waste Action Week (7)

Today is the last day of Food Waste Action Week, We hope you have enjoyed all of our blogs and posts, and found them useful. And most of all we hope you have been inspired to tackle that mountain of food waste that the UK produces every day.

Here is a summary of what we have covered in the week.

  • Freezing food to save waste

  • Understanding food labelling

  • Getting involved in Community schemes

  • Using a menu planner and shopping lists

  • Eating all of your fruit and veg (Compleating)

  • Freezing and defrosting leftovers

  • Using leftovers to create new meals (Flung Together Food)

  • Composting food waste

Much of our information and advice has been drawn up with reference to two really useful organisations. Many thanks to them, and we hope you will go and check them out for yourself


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