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Food Waste Action Week (6)

Composting Food Waste

Many items of food waste are completely safe to compost at home. Vegetable peelings, apple cores, banana skins, orange and lemon skins, egg shells, tea leaves and coffee grounds are all great for adding to you compost bin or heap along, with your garden waste, shredded paper and cardboard.

If you don't yet do any composting at home, this is a great website to get you started :

Residents of Leicestershire can buy 'dalek' compost bins at susidised prices, starting from £12 from Get Composting.

Cooked Food Waste

Cooked food waste may contain harmful pathogens which cannot be processed properly by the cool conditions in a an ordinary compost bin. It is also likely to attract rats and other vermin.

However cooked food waste can be dealt with in a hot composting system, where temperatures can easily get up to 60 degrees C. More information on Hot Composting here.

Cooked food waste can also be dealt with in a Green Cone, Hotbin, Green Joanna or Bokashi Bin. More information on these products here.


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