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Faith and Climate Care

Some words from Canon Brian Davis.

Faith in the present crisis should help us find hope. But it must be a realistic hope, that faces up to the present crisis and is based on action. When Jesus appeared on the scene, his first words were ‘The time has arrived, the Kingdom of God is upon you. Repent and believe the good news.’ (Mark 1.15.) ‘The time has arrived’ to face reality, with no more pretence or avoiding the truth about the crisis we now face. Engaging with reality is the only way we can truly engage with God: only by getting real will we find the real God. God’s Kingdom is where God’s will is done, where all are cared for, as God’s children, and all creatures. ‘Repent’ is actually good news: Jesus believed we could change our ways. He can inspire us and help us to change. We need to make deep changes to our whole way of life if we are to save the planet. ‘Believe the good news’ that God is with us, and that nothing can separate us from his love.


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