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Explore the SHC Website - Part 1

Well, you have found the SHC website, because you are reading this blog! But have you had a good look around the website to see what else is on offer? In this series of blogs, we will be introducing you to some of the key features of the site, and encouraging you to go and have a look.

So, Exploration No 1 - The Harborough Green Directory. This was actually the first 'big idea' that was born from the newly established Sustainable Harborough Community in early 2020. Masterminded by Sarah van der Walt, who single-handedly built the website (well what else are you going to do in lock-down??), the directory currently has over 60 entries.

The directory aims to help people in the Market Harborough area find out what businesses and community groups are around that might help them live more sustainable lives.

Businesses are asked to highlight their 'green' credentials, which might be that they are zero waste, or that they use recycled products, or that they use zero carbon vehicles for deliveries, or that they no longer offer plastic bags to their customers. They may not necessarily have reduced their emissions to zero, but they are actively looking to move along a path to that target.

Community Groups on the directory are aiming to do something to tackle the Climate and Ecological Emergency at a local level, whether that be litter picking, planting trees, encouraging you to compost at home, or encouraging you to buy fairly traded products locally. Most of them are actively looking for more volunteers, so if you want to join in and help with community activity, do go and have a look.

The directory is searchable, by using the buttons at the top of the page. And all entries contain full details of how to find out more, or make contact directly with the organisations that are listed.

SHC is keen for The Harborough Green Directory to continue to grow. If you know of a business or community group you think should be included in the directory, do let us know at, or encourage them to complete the on-line application form.


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