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Electric Vehicle Training for Small Businesses and Self Employed

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

15 March – Leicester

If you run a small business, or are self-employed, and are thinking about getting an electric vehicle or van, this will be of interest to you.

The Energy Saving Trust are running a series of free training courses, where you can learn about and drive electric vans and cars that could save you money and provide operational benefits. Each course consists of a two-hour training course delivered via Zoom, followed by the opportunity to test-drive several models of electric vans and cars. The aim is to help drivers and decision makers improve their knowledge of EVs and to demonstrate the significant financial and operational benefits that these vehicles can bring.

Each training course, delivered by Energy Saving Trust EV experts, is limited to 12-15 people so the courses are interactive, with delegates encouraged to ask questions and discuss the issues.

The courses cover:

  • What is driving the global surge in EV sales?

  • EV models currently available including their sizes, functionality and realistic driving ranges

  • Recharging: How, where and what does it cost?

  • EV purchase and running costs

  • How to drive EVs efficiently to maximise range

  • FAQs including:

    • Do EVs really save CO2?

    • Will the National Grid cope?

    • How long will lithium reserves last?

    • Do the batteries degrade?

Each Zoom training course has a geographical location so drivers can join a course dedicated to their town or city. This allows us to discuss local issues such as the extent of the charging infrastructure and it means we can deliver the test-driving element of the courses locally.

For more information or to reserve your free place, please email


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