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Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Do you use Twitter? Then please get involved in the CEE Bill 'Twitter Storm' on March 26th. Here's why .....

The UK Government passed its Climate Change Act in 2008, and it desperately needs replacing. There are many things in the Act that are now out of date, but you might be surprised to know that:

  • According to the Government's own Climate Change Committee, 17 out of the 21 targets have already been missed

  • The targets do not take the UK's entire carbon footprint into account. They exclude emissions linked to production and transporting of goods from overseas

The proposed Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, a private members bill tabled by Caroline Lucas MP in September 2019, is designed to ensure the UK takes its commitment to the Paris Agreement seriously. The bill did pass its first reading in 2020, and the second reading was scheduled for January 2021, and then rescheduled for March 26th. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, parliamentary time for any legislation has been severely restricted, and the second reading has been delayed again, with no definite date for its reintroduction. The bill is supported by 102 MPs, from across 8 political parties.

In a nutshell, the CEE Bill calls for :

  • the UK to make and enact a serious plan. This means dealing with our real fair share of emissions so that we don’t go over critical global rises in temperature

  • our entire carbon footprint be taken into account (in the UK and overseas)

  • the protection and conservation of nature here and overseas along supply chains, recognising the damage we cause through the goods we consume

  • those in power not to depend on technology to save the day, which is used as an excuse to carry on polluting as usual

  • ordinary people to have a real say on the way forward in a citizens’ assembly with bite

The CEE Bill Alliance is a team of scientists, academics, lawyers and campaigners working together, guided by current science, to call for urgent, far-reaching and necessary actions from the UK Government to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. They are working hard to co-ordinate action from concerned individuals and groups, and to use that 'big voice' to lobby government to introduce the Bill as soon as possible. Wouldn't it be great if the Government could show this off proudly at the COP26 meeting later in the year?

So, what can you do to help?

  • You can join the CEE Alliance to get the latest on the CEE bill campaign, and add your voice to their campaigning efforts

  • Write to your MP, to let them know how important you think this matter is

  • Join in the Twitter Storm on March 26th, which will mark the date when the 2nd reading of the Bill should have taken place. Go to the SCH Twitter Page on the day and get busy retweeting


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